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Modern Bamboo House Plans and designs ideas

March 18, 2010 By: design Category: Architecture Designs, Home Design

Modern Bamboo House Plans and designs ideas are now very popular and become one of the most wanted house designs as many home builders are looking for ways to work with the natural elements when selecting building materials for their dream bungalow plans. For centuries builders in the east have used bamboo because it is easy to manipulate and requires little technical skills. Bamboo is a simple material. Its beauty and durability was not lost on the eastern artisans and builders of the past. Its growing popularity in the western world only adds to the rich history of this material.

It is not uncommon for a family to discard log home plans in lieu of more simple bamboo house plans. One way to gage if a bamboo house is right for your family is to take on a simple project first. Many less labor-intensive bamboo projects can be finished in a day or two. A bamboo picture frame or candle holder is a fun and easy way for the entire family to get involved. If you find working with bamboo to be an enjoyable experience, you might want to go onto more challenging projects such as gates or reading lamps, and even eventually your own bamboo home.

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