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Modern and eco-friendly house designs with forest theme

June 05, 2010 By: design Category: Architecture Designs, interior decoration

home designs with forest theme

home designs with forest theme

This modern and eco-friendly  house deigns with forest theme is located in Singapore. This house with forest theme ideas  unites concrete, glass, timber, steel and elements of nature like plants and trees. This forest themed house design  has interchangeable rooms floating in a bigger volume of space. This volume is fitted into a terrace plot with a 2-storey high retaining wall at the rear, which was transformed into a pebbled waterfall that opens up to the sky. Below, a pond that collects rainwater encompasses the living area. Everywhere around the forest themed house design, different plants and trees could be found. Living in such place is like living in a forest in the middle of the city.  So, when you love living that is close with nature, the forest themed house designs from Chang Architects might become the best house inspiration. Get it now (more…)